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How do you manage inactive users?

I'm trying to achieve two things here.


  1. Clean up our community database (inactive users)
  2. Stop from getting bounced emails from these inactive users (because they left their job and all communication emails bounce)

Here is some more context.

I'm running a b2b community where when a license or free trial is started, users get automatic access to the community. An account is not created until they login.

When a customer leaves their job, they no longer have access to their work email and thus our community. When this happens, any subscriptions or things they follow continue to trigger emails which get bounced back to a community email alias. We want those emails to stop.

When we get those bounced emails, we know we can take action with that user, this does not help us understand any dormant users who may not be following any content yet remain inactive for long periods of time. 

I'm wondering what all you lovely people here are doing/have done to manage old members.

I was thinking of setting up some sort of trigger that with after maybe 8 months of no activity it sends an email to that user reminding them of the community (ideally some sort of CTA that gets them to login to get them removed from any potential inactive list). 

If that email doesn't get any action within another 2 months, then we move that persons account to an inactive state.

Looking forward to hearing what others are doing!



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