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How we are utilizing Group Hubs

We've been playing around with/testing Group Hubs for what seems like forever, and as of today we've migrated/launched all of our legacy "Groups" to "Group Hubs", as well as launching some Bevy components/integrations.  Get asked a lot of what we are doing, figured I would do some show and tell - We're using a mix of out of box features with some custom work.  More to come in the future, but glad to finally get this one out the door!


  • I'm mostly the tech guy 🤣 We have ~3 other folks dedicated to actually running/managing our User Groups & live events, so they get the credit for making all this possible/wanting it to happen!
  • How many Group Hubs: ~60 (Only about 40 active, ~20 are new as of today, we'll probably add another 30-40 by years end with various things we want to expand/do)
  • Migration: We did this ourselves.  Call it trust issues, but the migration process/steps involved terrified me
  • We utilize for our in-person/event registration platform
  • We had already integrated Bevy & our Community with SSO a few months back
  • We have around 40 global User Groups, most are based geographically but we have started to launch virtual groups over the past 6 months as well
  • We also have been doing quarterly live events which will benefit from a lot of these enhancements

What we launched:

A lot of our customization for now are highlighted on the homepage as they relate to Bevy as well:

  • Upcoming events - displays upcoming events from Bevy directly in Community.  Clicking an event takes you to the Bevy event page to register
  • My Events - Shows any events you have registered for. 
  • Featured event - Features an upcoming event(s).
  • Explore by region component - We stole the style from Bevy's existing component, it's utilizing Bevy's API to build the component, but links to the Khoros Group Hub page
  • 1.PNG

Within actual Group Hubs, right now many just consist of a forum based on legacy usage - Overtime though, our hope is group leaders will find ways to utilize the other features, primarily Blogs/TKB's as a way to share event news/updates, photos, learnings, etc.  With that idea, we've built out our internal leader toolkit to use all the various features as a way to teach them what is possible.

Here's a sample of one of our groups:

  • Most things are out of box features, with our featured events/my events components on the page
  • Missing feature: a combo "Join" button - We hope to solve this with the upcoming 20.3 release - Our ideal state is that when you click "Join Hub" it will not only put place you into the Khoros Group Hub, but also register you in the corresponding Bevy chapter, to keep the two systems in sync (as much as possible).



In addition to these, other use cases we're currently using Hubs for, looking at, or thinking about:

  • COVID19 response - We've launched a section of our Community for this that's a spinoff from our regular App Hub site.  This week we're expanding from ~4 apps to ~20, the TLDR is it's a bunch of prebuilt 'apps' as it relates to what our company's software does built by our internal teams, partners, or individual customers during hackathon events held over the past couple weeks - So we'll be launching corresponding Group Hubs for each of these to assist our members/whoever as they use them
  • University Connect - We have a university outreach program / Work closely with a lot of university programs, as well as doing internship/mini-class type things (Neat stuff I only pretend to fully understand) - So we're looking to setup Group Hubs for each University we work with....There's a lot 🤣
  • Early access - Same as Khoros or anywhere, but our internal product teams can utilize them for EA programs
  • Water Cooler - I launched one a few weeks ago as an internal water cooler, it's gotten a bit of traction, but most folks prefer slack, oi
  • My own - I built my own, using it as a playground to test things, write out knowledge articles, etc.  While I generally live in Confluence/Jira, I am slowly seeing if I can shift to using a Group Hub for post-launch repository of my own knowledge/updates for our team

We're excited for the upcoming event/live streaming work that @SohilM @AmyS etc are working on, as some of that is what we consider the missing link for a lot of this 😄

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Khoros Staff

This is incredible. Way to take innovation for your customers to another level! 

Khoros Staff

@StanGromer were you able to work through your custom page hurdles to get the GH landing page to look how you wanted it?

Honored Contributor

Replying to my own thread with another random use case we added - We had a Partner who wanted to have right of first refusal of who can download one of their demo apps (Legit reason - They don't want our other partners seeing their App, even though they are giving it away to everyone else...)

None the less - My quick and dirty solution - A closed group hub.  As a user, we tell you to request access for the download.  Once you become a member of the group, you see a download link.  That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I used a blog/TKB as two additional nodes, named them as you see as sub-sections, and they both have redirects on them so when you visit, it takes you to the intended page instead of the blog/tkb itself. The page itself is bare as an example of how quickly we threw this together to appease everyone involved.

TLDR; I took a Group Hub and turned it into a Frankenstein to fit the use case.





Lol. You say, Frankenstein. I say, Swiss Army Knife. 

Khoros Staff

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience, feedback, and use cases! And thank you for being creative with how you are using Group Hubs! Sparks more ideas 💡


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Part of my goal to find a new use case every week for this thing

With a lot of folks impacted out there, our internal teams have been pinged to help find folks new roles/homes/etc throughout our ecosystem, so we moved up some improvements to our user directory as we wanted to add an "Available Talent" filter.  The goal being to let those who are impacted/looking for work have an easy way to be identified in Community, and be able to get contacted easily via PM/Linkedin (long-term will play more into certifications + badges).  

For this though - We needed an easy way to not only inform this subset of users about the program, but also how to let them self-select to show up on our directory page - Thus, we set it up so that when a user joins this specific open Group Hub, they'll automatically show up in the user directory.  If they leave the group, they stop showing up.  A clear benefit is that we can still communicate with this specific set of users easily within the Group Hub as necessary.

New Commentator

This is amazing work @StanGromer !! Love what you did with this. I started working on Group Hubs not too long ago as well and I'd love to connect with you to talk use case. Getting your input and hear about your journey would be awesome!