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Implementation Question

Can anyone give me an order of magnitude estimate for an implementation of a Lithium forum? Assuming a relatively OOB approach - the effort of setting up admins, boards, rules, general config etc....


I appreciate that its a bit of a piece of string question but if someone can say something like ' we delivered our phase 1 Lithium project in x days and it included abc' that would be very useful.

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Re: Implementation Question



Its hard to answer this questions since I believe no one has a per forum breakdown of the effort involved. Its also not clear if you refer to the customization and development efforts which are involved in the process. 


In addition to that prior to launcinhg the first forum there is a great deal of time invested in defining rules and guidelines, legal (terms of use) , moderators cook book, implementing the reputation engine, setting the roles and other related launch activities.


Eventually when it comes to lunch a single forum once all of the above has been defined and implemented is a matter of minutes.

Can you share more information about your query? What are you trying to realize?

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