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Integrating Lithium with SFDC

Has anyone integrated Lithium with SFDC for collaborating outside the SFDC user community with pre-sales, services, partners, and/or even the prospects themselves?  Trying to find anyone that is actively using Lithium with SFDC beyond cases / helpdesk.

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Khoros Guru

Hi jgzobrist,


Beyond case integration, we've done implementations using SFDC APIs to automate access to sub-communities.  On authentication, we willl call SFDC to learn if the user logging in is a customer, partner, employee, certified, etc.  We map these values to roles in the Community and use the role to grant/deny access to areas.  Practical examples of how this is leveraged:

  • Employee - Automatically designate role (not visible), rank, avatar and private area of the Community.
  • Partners - Automatically designate role (not visible) to grant access to private area of the Community.
  • Certifications - If users can recieve certification in the product, automatically grant role (not visible) and rank with icon showing this to the rest of Community.
  • Premium Support - Determine what type of contract the user has and grant access to private area of the Community (perhaps with higher SLA).

The mechanism we're using is post authentication (SSO or Lithium), we're calling SFDC using their API.  Email is (almost always) used as the record matching fields.  The response from the service needs to return the values detailed above. We map those values to previously created Roles in Lithium.  We check for these roles on each login (example, an Employee leaves.  Next login that role is removed).


For specific customers, I will have to leave it to them to chime in :).  I can also assist directly as part of your launch  Hopefully this is, at least, enough to consider another approach beyond/in addition to the Case aspect.


Thanks, Scott