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I was wondering if anyone has integrated Kustomer or Tableau into their Community. We're starting to explore the option and wanted to hear Highs and Lows / personal use cases to ensure this is the direction I'd like to take my team. Thank you! 

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Hey there, could you share a bit more Context about what you’re looking to achieve/application of data? Might help us to provide more insight 🙂

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@Finney0225 - If you can share some more info around this, we can provide some examples. We have done a few similar integrations. 

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Hi -- absolutely. 


We are currently using Kustomer for a our primary ticketing system for CS. I'm wondering if there is a way to integrate the Community with Kustomer to automatically create tickets so if a customer calls in, information/troubleshooting steps that have been taken on the community can be documented in a Kustomer ticket linked to that email address. 


As far as tableau goes-- I'm wondering if there is a way to cross reference the data we are receiving in the CS (we track that via Tableau) and compare to our top posts in the Community in automatic daily reports. 


Hope this helps-- thank you!