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Khoros Content Security Policy - Share in External iframe??

I have Khoros on one subdomain and a separate tool on a different subdomain which shares content in an iframe. I am unable to do so with my community content due to Khoros security policy. How can I edit any of the following to allow this?

  • x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
  • Content Security Policy
  • Response Headers
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Honored Contributor

I'm trying to do the same thing and looking for the same answer.   Thinking the Activecast Security Domain settings could be it, I tried to add the outside domain and got the following error which I don't understand:



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New Commentator

This would be great to get resolved! I have a similar issue where we need to show blog content in iframes in a separate subdomain. 


  • Turn OFF X-Frame Options
  • Add Content Security Policy to the Response Headers. 
    • content-security-policy: frame-src ‘self’ *.domain; frame-ancestors ‘self’ *.domain