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LSI Metrics: Top Members Solution Views

Khoros Community! What's up!

Anotha day, anotha question from ya boy. ๐Ÿคฃ

I'm having a grand time pulling trends and takeaways from LSI. Fascinating stuff! However, I'm stumped on one set of metrics: Solution Views.

Now, do the Solution Views associated with a user reflect the amount of times that user viewed A solution? OR does it reflect the amount of times a solution from that associated user WAS viewed by another user?

I may be making it way more confusing than it should be (LOL)

Any and all guidance is super appreciated! (see screenshot of the Solution Views metric in my excel spreadsheet)


J-Net Community Manager
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Khoros Staff

Hi @jhaze!

How did you pull this metric?  From the "Conversations" tab or the "Members" tab?

If you view Solutions Views in the Conversations tab, it will showcase how many times that solution has been viewed by any user in the topic.

On the Members tab, the same metric is calculating based on how many times that specific user has viewed a solution.  This is not views on unique solutions either, it could be 87 total solution views viewing only 2 - 3 solutions.

Larry Imgrund
Sr. Community Strategist