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Honored Contributor

Limiting or preventing sensitive / confidential information in community

We're doing some research to see what others are doing in this area.

  1. What do you do to automate prompts before users submit sensitive information to prevent content from being submitted?
  2. What tools do you use (if any) to scan existing content and identify sensitive information? And if yes - is it a COTS tool or custom built?

Any additional context is welcome as well. Thank you.

Becky Scott

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Khoros Staff

Hi Becky,

We see a lot of our customers use Content Filters and regular expressions (Regex) to automate handling of sensitive information while it's being posted.  You can set the content filter to decline the post if it's being posted, which includes a line of feedback to the user on what they would need to remove from their post (our version of the automated prompt).

Here are some examples you can use on your community:

I can't comment on any external tools our customers may be using to scan existing content, but would love to get feedback from everyone that we can share with our Khoros Community product team!

Larry Imgrund
Sr. Community Strategist
Honored Contributor

Thanks @LarryI that's exactly what we had on our radar. I'll take a look at the expressions - thanks for the link.

Becky Scott