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Lithium Community + AdblockPlus + Ghostery ?



Anyboby has ever mesured the percentage of their community members that are using browser add-ons like adblock-plus & ghostery ?


Anybody knows if it has an impact (especially ghostery) on lithium community features (that could be not working propoerly).


Best, FR.



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Khoros Staff JavierG
Khoros Staff

Re: Lithium Community + AdblockPlus + Ghostery ?

Hi @RondeauPro,


I just wanted to quickly chime in and confirm we do not have the ability to measure the usage of browser addons in LSI or the Community Admin. Additionally, it's possible addons of this nature could result in undesired behaviors on the community (blocking Flash, Javascript, images, tracking codes, etc.).




Javier Garcia
Manager, Premium Support
Lithium Technologies, Inc.


Re: Lithium Community + AdblockPlus + Ghostery ?

Tks Javier,


Maybe this is something you want to pass to the oroduct guys at Lithium.

In France 25%+ of our customers are using AdBlockPlus type solutions, and 5%+ Ghostery like solutions.

We are currently adpating our web sites (especially online stores) to get rid of code that could be affected by AdBlockPlus. There's unfortunately not much we can do about Ghostery (but it does affect websites behaviour sometimes too).

It may become a pb for Lithium Communities UI...


Best, FR.