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Metrics and reporting


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

It has come to our attention that Metrics will be going away in Admin and Khoros will be transitioning to only Analytics for reporting.  Not sure about everyone else out there, but we rely heavily on metric reporting as a way to demonstrate the communities worth.

I would like to know if others are doing the same and if there is a better way.

Analytics is limited to how much data it can churn, ie..  the number of months I believe is limited to 6.   Metrics allows for us to pull data from the time we started.

If others rely on Metrics as we do, we may want to express to Khoros the need to keep metrics or improve reporting capabilities in analytics.

I look forward to any comments or suggestions.



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Feature parity is an absolute minimum for turning off Admin Metrics. Granted, there's a lot of useless metrics that can be captured, but LSI is severely lacking a majority of the flexibility that it should have.

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My understanding is that rather than losing the features of Admin Metrics, it will be combined with those of Community Analytics (LSI).


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My understanding is that admin metrics won’t be turned off until we have everything covered in the target solution. 

I also believe  that they are working towards a new analytics platform, don’t know much just that it’s better and plan to have everything In one place in the near future. 

As it stands, I agree LSI doesn’t cover everything I need or use in Admin metrics 


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Khoros Staff

Thanks @gdawson for initiating this thread and @Fellsteruk @lilim @Drew_C for your inputs/comments.

We hear you and will ensure to discuss with you use cases/scenarios before finalising end-of-life of Admin Metrics. Meanwhile, we have been working on fixing gaps between Admin Metrics and Community Analytics and here is more details on support for bulk download of members data that was not present earlier on Community Analytics:

As @Fellsteruk mentions, we are also working on a new analytics solution that adds a bunch of new capabilities around real-time actionable metrics. We will in touch.




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Hello @RahulHa @Fellsteruk @lilim @Drew_C @Fellsteruk 

Thanks for the reply.  Which ever way Khoros decides to go, we will need a way to pull clean and accurate data,  We currently have a ticket in with support due to finding data between Analytics and Metrics not matching, actually about a 50% difference.  We will also need to be able to pull more than 6 months at a time which seems to be a limitation in Analytics.  We went through bulk download and do not feel it allows for manipulation the way metrics does.  We have to import into a spread sheet to manipulate.

The main reason for this post was to see how others are pulling the reports they need.  Also, do most Admins rely more on Analytics or Metrics to get the reports they need.  Has anyone else found inconsistencies?  Any tips, suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated. 

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We too rely on Admin metrics for many stats we pull each month as they are not available in analytics. Fingers crossed for parity before admin metrics are discontinued. 

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My understanding is that there's always going to be small differences in the data from Metrics and LSI as Metrics uses your community's time zone whereas LSI uses UTC.