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NPS / other survey methodology?

Hi all!

I'm hoping for insights about how you survey your community members, especially NPS surveys. We have been doing a quarterly email to all members & requesting they fill out our survey (which lives in a Google form). But, this means that we are emailing members who are long-inactive and also pestering people with basically the same survey every 3 months.

I do know about the Value Analytics feature of Khoros and how it works, but we don't love that survey since it's only minimally customizable.

So, for those of you who are NOT using Value Analytics - how do you survey members? A popup on your website? A regular email - and, if so, to whom? Other?

Thanks, ya'll!

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Honored Contributor

Hi @Kerri -

I like the smile doohickey! 🙂

We haven't done anything new yet, partially because we're waiting to see what our company overall is doing as far as surveying customers and partially due to lack of time :-).

For now, we continue with our once-a-quarter google form - since we have quarter-over-quarter data using this methodology it is also a bit hard to change.