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New Gallery featuring the community's best projects

I manage a community for home improvement discussion. We have members sharing inspiring projects every day, but they can get a little lost in the midst of questions from members who need a hand with the projects. 

We have now created a new Project Gallery that members can quickly and easily browse to see the best projects on the site in one convenient place. 

Users can filter their view of the gallery by label (topic) and sort by most popular or most recent. 

We've used custom tags to populate the gallery, so our team can quickly and easily tag projects as they are shared with the community so that they appear in the gallery. 

The post itself still lives in the board in which it was created, but has a visual identifier of a star and that it is a Featured Project. There's also a link to return to browsing the gallery if that is how the user navigated to the post. We want to further recognise and reward people who have their projects featured on the gallery with badges.

Keen to hear this community's thoughts on how we can continue to improve this new feature on our site. 



Project Gallery.png  

Project Gallery 2.png



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Many thanks @duyanhtran. I've seen you are doing great work and are off to a very strong start.  I particularly like how well integrated your community is into your brand's website - a goal for us moving forward. Well done. I would be interested to hear how you are promoting your community in-store and in other channels other than your website.