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Nice little success story: Separate board just for member intros

Hi ya'll!

I wanted to share something we recently launched that has been a nice success - our "Introduce Yourself!" board.

We used to have a single thread for community member personal introductions as part of our "Community Tips & Tricks" board (here). This was fine, and got some intros, but hardly any actual conversation. Our most active community members didn't want to reply to the intros because that results in anyone who ever wrote an intro getting a notification.

We realized that taking the step to introduce yourself to the community is a big one, and we wanted to make sure that it resulted in a positive experience. Not just a bunch of notifications of OTHER people introducing themselves and no personal response.

So we created a whole board for intros - inspired by the Atlassian Community's awesome Welcome Center. Each person introduces themself in a separate thread. Note that we did this only after confirming with our VIPs that they'd help out with welcoming people if we created a whole board for intros.

And, it has been great! We have sone nice welcoming conversations going - much better than taking the bold step of introducing yourself and then not getting anything personal in response. 

Now we hope that this positive "welcome" experience results in the folks who introduce themselves being more actively engaged in the community. It's a bit too early to tell (aka I haven't done that analysis yet ๐Ÿ˜‰), but I'll report back!

Here is the new board:

Hope this is helpful!

- Caroline

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Khoros Staff

Love this! We should do this at Khoros as I totally share the annoyance at getting a ton of emails for every new community member and every reply saying "Hi!"

Please ask questions!
New Commentator

@CarolineS We're so flattered to serve as inspiration for you, Caroline! Be sure to report back on how things are going. ๐Ÿ™‚