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Onsite local/physical User Group meetup integrations?

Has any Community out there done an integration between Khoros and another platform, such as BevyLabs or  We're about to kick off work to integrate our external User Group platform which is powered by BevyLabs ( with our Community/Khoros User Groups.  Really curious if anyone out there has attempted this, success at doing so, etc.

Our goal is a unified experience that lives within our Community domain, allowing us to kill off the duplicate subdomain entirely - A single join button that will kick off putting the user into both systems, figuring out how best we can handle two distinct notification systems + profile pages (with SSO on top of them both though), and integrating the local user group functionality that Bevy brings within the Khoros Group Hub pages.

Anyone take on such a crazy integration yet? 

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@StanGromer, We have implemented and integrated this on multiple Lithium communities.

Let us know and @VarunGrazitti  can share more details around this.


Do you know we work with Kudos and Accepted Solution.

Thanks @Parshant - If you or @VarunGrazitti have any examples of Communities out there that I could take a look at, would love to.  We're just trying to see what has been done, what experiences work best, etc.


Thanks @Parshant 


@StanGromer - We have done a few of these with, can do a demo call.


Happy new year!

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Hi - We are actually working with BevyLabs on a few right now and I know we have done others in the past.  You can see a couple today at Atlassian, Qlik, or AirBnB

If you want, it might be good to connect directly with our Product Team as we build requirements for this capability!


Please ask questions!
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@JacobBoI've tried 🤣  Every time I talk to anyone in Khoros product, no one has heard of it, lol. Happy to connect with anyone on it as we would love to get more support behind this stuff!

Most/all of these seem to be less an integration, but more just linking to Bevy/Meetup events from Community? Any idea if any of these customers/others have tried to do a seamless experience between the two so that to an end user, they would never see/know the Bevy platform exists?  

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Also interested in hearing from others if anyone has figured out a deeper integration than just redirecting to Bevy's event directory and/or specific events. Looking to do this at Dataiku in the next months, will share any updates here! 


We're looking to do a few different things to get us started down this path - Here's a few of the things we're kicking off work on this week - 

Event component - Will pull in the specified event(s) that exist for that group.  This will sit on our Khoros User Group pages and/or used to highlight specific events on our UG landing page.  'RSVP' will link to the existing Bevy registration page for now - We debated doing the entire flow ourselves but figured we'd take some baby steps 🐥


We're also building an Upcoming Event's component that will have some various parameters to control what it shows based on where it is used.  We'll also be mirroring a version of it to act as a "My Events" component in your Khoros User Profile which will let them un-rsvp / Download their tickets.  We're also going to make a near mirror image of their existing 'Find a group near you' component, but with some customization that we plan to add in.


And finally, we're really pending Khoros to release the full API for Group Hubs, but once that is released we'll create a combined "Join" / "Leave" experience that will throw you into both systems (Khoros/Bevy) at the same time.

Hopefully we'll have it ready for production in ~30-45 days and can roll it out at the same time we transition our existing Khoros Groups into Group Hubs!