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Please fix the user experience with Android device

I don´t know have you noticed or not but please test Lithosphere or any other Lithium community with Android device and then with iOS device. Using Lithium with Android is horrible when you want to join the discussion. Please look example screenshots.



With Android mobile there is two "static" areas on the screen, taking about 75% from the screen and about 25% from the area is scrollable area --> you have to scroll all the time up/down to see what you have already wrote and so on.

Why there is static search bar and navi´s etc. on the top with Android device when message editor is active?

With iOS device there is only one "static" area and maybe 60-70% are scrollable area from the screen --> you see much more at once.

Our superusers said they don't want to use mobile if they want to write something. They want/have to use computer for that --> we don't get engagement as much as we can get. 

Please fix this before you bring any other new features to the platform. Thanks.


My latest Product idea - Renew the quote feature

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