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Khoros Staff

Product reviews and feedback in communities: formal programs?

Do you have any formal programs to collect product feedback at your company?  Is it part of your community efforts, or separate?  Do you want it to be a part of the community?

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We don't but we have given products to our experts to test and use (and abuse) and give us feedback on it but also learn and get knowledge on the products basically enabling them to help customers who also have these products.

Having said that, I think the community can be a powerful source of information for product feedback, through something like ideation, but it requires committment from the brand to follow up on the product feedback and at least provide a closed loop of feedback to those who take time to think along with the brand.

Just my 2-cents


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Several Years ago, Telekom Customer Service startet the Labs in Telekom hilft Community, @waldemarhelm and colleagues can tell a lot about it.

For a few years now, users are involved in testing routers, apps, processes etc. As far as I know, it is kind of formal, but any lab is different. User apply for participation, they get tasks to fulfill (test, report, abuse as @Wendy_S called it, ...). I think it's a huge success as the number of labs was ever growing from year to year.

The Labs are part of the community, ideation and forum boards are used in closed user groups.

Khoros Staff

Thanks @JuergenM and @Wendy_S ! Good feedback.

I think I hear what you are saying is that similar to support, Communities can be a channel for product feedback, but it works much better when the right teams inside the company are reciprocating and involved in the conversation inside the community.