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Ranking based on points for different actions

Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out a way to build up ranking based on points for specific actions.

Let's say that for login you get 1 point (easy), for first login you get 100 points (quite easy with workaround) and for second login you get 50 points. To achiveve a role you must get 500 points.


The problem is to give 50 points for second login - haven't figured it out with nice query. Only a big one with many conditionals which caused it to be 3 lines or so 🙂.


Is there a way to use some conditional operators in those query?


For first login action I have figured out something like that (workaround with module), but I am not sure to promote second login with 50 points nicely.


`(logins+2 % logins+1) * 100 + logins*1 > 500`

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