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Renew the badges (criteria)

I know badges and ranks (gamification) must be think as a whole. But if we now think about just the badges and criteria's. Situation at the moment, example numbers:

Badge --> Kudos received

How many kudos have to receive to earn the badge 1 102550100
How many times granted10000100403020


Badge --> Kudos given

How many kudos have to give to earn the badge1102550100
How many times granted100007000900800 700


And if your goal is to get members to give kudos to others should you create more badges between 1-10 (Kudos received) and 10-25 (Kudos given) to courage/motivate to do so? Or is the best practice to renew all the levels at once?


My latest Product idea - Renew the quote feature

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I don't think there's a wrong answer here. I have historically recommended rewarding Kudos Received more than Kudos Given. It's easy to click around the site and give Kudos for things that aren't that valuable to gain a badge.

Here's a template that is reflective of how I've commonly graded out badges.


Thanks @BrianOblinger for sharing that file, if that's ok I will download it and study better. I got new ideas, example badge for the employees and so on.


My latest Product idea - Renew the quote feature