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Research opportunity - the Business Value of Brand Communities

Hi everyone!

I am a researcher in marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management studying networks, brand communities, and the value of the consumers in these communities. I work jointly with Pinar Yildirim, professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, to better understand and measure the value of brand communities.

Specifically, we would like to measure and increase the value that consumers attribute to a brand community. For example, having access to other users like them, how this value in turn translates into higher engagement, brand loyalty, or increased likelihood of using the services/products of a brand, and how this contributes to a brand’s bottom line.

We would also like to develop strategies that community (and brand) managers can use to communicate this value to community members. For example, adapt the framing of the marketing communications sent to community members, towards something that reminds these customers that they are also valued members of a group, and that is aligned to their benefits from being a member.

These strategies are normally fine-tuned via simple A/B testing on the community members. We already developed several strategies for testing, and identified some key outcome metrics. A presentation deck with more details can be found here.

In order to give more relevance to this research, however, we are looking to collaborate with a company that has a brand community to run these tests. As a research partner, the company can collaborate with us on the strategies, and gain important insights about the value of consumers in the brand community, and how to improve their engagement.

If you are interested, feel free to leave a comment, or reach out to me privately. We can provide you with more details, and understand how we can also contribute to your specific company goals.

A few additional info:

  • No downside to the testing! -- as we are only interested in the scientific value of the discoveries, you will keep all the business intelligence.
  • We have legal support to draft non-disclosure agreements: all your data and the data from your members will be safe and in compliance with strict privacy standards.
  • If it's something you care about, we are able to get a lot of media attention from our research. This means more traffic to your communities, products, more clients, and (science-backed) PR.

Looking forward to talking;

Martina (& Pinar)

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