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SalesForce Communities x Lithium solution


We are looking for a social tool to integrate with our own solution which intends to be a kind of VRM (vendor relationship management) as defined by projectVRM (Doc Searls).

Does anyone could write down how the new salesforce communities compares to Lithium solution?

As Salesforce is listed as a Lithium Partner, I wonder if Lithium is build on top of Salesforce, is it? 

How can we get to know how to Lithium solution better and how to integrate it?

Any thoughts are welcome!

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Hi Annibal, 


Lithium communities integrate into SFDC. This means you can build a more meaningful picture of the purchasing history of an individual making a contribution on the Lithium built forum. 


You can also build escalation channels so if a question is asked on the community and not answered by one of the fans it can be red flagged within the CRM and answered by contact center agent based on time scale or keyword.  


If you would like to talk more please reach out to me. 


Kind Regards, 



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if your a salesforce user already  then in terms of integration their own communities solution will offer you much more in terms of intergration with your core crm as you have the freedom of Doing all the custom stuff with sfdc dev. Also the communities and customer portal solution would work well for your VRM solution. 


That said and as suggest by another member you can easily integrate your lithium community with sfdc to achieve something similar however each option has its pros and cons, one thing I will say is that the salesforce community solution is in its infancy compared to lithium However with 3 releases each year I suspect sfdc will be doing their best to close the gaps, lot of catching up 🙂 


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