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Salesforce-Khoros Integration

We are looking for a Khoros Connector for Salesforce which will help us to map  registrations to the 'Lead' object in Salesforce. We found some of the articles on the link below with respect to Khoros connector bit those are used for mapping content to the Case and Contact object.

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It sounds like for this use case you’d need to leverage your own middleware and do some scripting in Python, Ruby, Java, .NET or another language to leverage the Khoros Community and Salesforce APIs in order to pull the data from Khoros and pass it over to the Leads database in Salesforce. 

My team and I have done similar to this in Khoros JX using Python and the Jive REST API, and we plan to repurpose our scripts sometime this year to leverage the Khoros Community APIs as we work on migrating our community, using the open-source Python library I’m currently developing for Khoros Community.  (I built a similar Python library for Khoros JX that we currently use.)

Hope this helps!

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Hi, I am looking for any informations in regards to how Lithium Response can be integrated with Salesforce and vice versa. Per exemple, I saw that there is an option where a button is added in the agent view and a Salesforce case can be created directly in Lithium response.


Hi @Charli537, I would recommend posting your question above in the Khoros Care Discussions forum which is specific to Khoros Care (formerly Lithium Response), because they are the folks who will likely have answers for you.

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@ish418 - We do have an option for this, let me know and I will share some details with you on the PM.

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