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Search - how to hide "Knowledge base" in the drop down content category menu?

Hi there,

we are to launch our community very soon. As we decided to start without knowledge base, we would like to hide "knowledge base" from search bar drop down menu. I found one article here: & our team made change in XML, as described, but there was no change.  Any tip or direction / where / how to find solution would be much appreciated 🙂


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Respected Contributor

Hi @aniak 

I ran into the same issue before we launched our TKB.

You can try adding this CSS to hide it:

#lia-body .lia-content option[title="Knowledge Base"] { display: none; }


You might want to test with IE and Firefox though... I recall an issue where those browsers weren't recognizing the CSS, but that was quite a while ago. 

Occasional Contributor

Thank you @StephenB !  I've been on holidays, so replay is a little bit late, but looks as it works!