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Share: Successful contest, maybe relevant for other technical communities!

Hi ya'll!

I wanted to share a recent success we've had with a contest in hopes it is useful to some of you.

A few employees at our company had created a Folding@Home team to help support scientific research that requires huge computing power. Some of this research is COVID-related, which is obviously very timely. They had the idea to encourage community members to join the team, with some swag incentives.

We advertised this on the community, with a month-long contest window. It was hugely successful - a few dozen community members joined, contributing to our rise in the folding ranks from 579 to 331 (out of 30,000+ global teams). We had fantastic engagement on our contest, which has 167 comments @ time of this post! (many of which are people telling us their folding usernames, but some are also a nice back-and-forth between members)

Here's the contest post.

Feel free to leverage this idea if it will resonate w/ your community members! (and pass muster w/ legal; ours was OK with it!)


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