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Support vs peer2peer forum

Hi Khoros fam!


My community is primarily used for support -- helping a customer with troubleshooting and basic questions about their device. I'm toying around with having my moderators being able to continue supporting the customer through a private ticket if 'public' troubleshooting doesn't help.. i.e. information you can find on help center. 



-Still decreases overall costs to CS

-Moderators are more experienced in TS than tier 1 support (sometimes - not always) 



-Does this decrease the overall feel of the forum and promotion peer - to - peer assistance?

-Would this backfire and cause an increase in posts for 1:1 troubleshooting vs the customer looking at the resources provided, i.e. search bar in community, in depth help articles on community, support page on website. 


Thoughts? Any one experience something similar? Thank you! 

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Khoros Staff

I would go ahead and give this a try! But still monitor the posts and check for 

1) the number of them coming in

2) feedback from your community about these types of posts


If a LOT of 1 and 2 are happening then you may want to consider adding a new TroubleShooting Forum or dedicated section to your Structure. That way, those posts don't disturb the tone or conversations elsewhere in your community. 

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