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Survey Best Practices - how are you surveying?

Hi there,

We are in process of reevaluating our survey strategy and wanted to see what others are doing.

We are not using Value Analytics today, but have a separate survey tool where we are popping a survey after 60 seconds on a Community page.

I'm interested to hear how others are surveying. We ran a pilot with a less intrusive survey intercept, but it actually did not get as good of results. We heard from our partner that persistent feedback buttons typically garner more negative responses.

However, we would like to  survey users that post a question in our community differently than the users who are just browsing and see our pop up survey. Does anyone send an email survey to customers that have posted a question or survey these engaged users differently? If so, how do you survey users that are posting in your community?

Thanks for any input!

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Honored Contributor

I'm curious to hear what others are doing as well, as we're looking to adjust our strategy.

Here's what we do. It's not the most scientific method, as the swag incentive probably skews results, but we do end up with a good number of responses! (~600 from our last survey).

On a quarterly basis we embed a Google form in a blog post and email all of our community members to ask them to fill it out. The survey is open for 4 days. We pick a couple survey entrants at random to win a small piece of swag as an incentive.

The questions we ask are basically company NPS and community NPS:

  • How likely are you to recommend Meraki to a colleague?
  • Comments / Feedback. Why did you choose the answer above?
  • How likely are you to recommend the Meraki Community to a colleague?
  • Comments / Feedback. Why did you choose the answer above?
  • If you'd like to be entered into a drawing for a [small swag item e.g. hat, socks], please provide your email address.

This survey has evolved a bit over time. At first, we JUST had community NPS (not company NPS), but, based on the freeform comments we were receiving, it was clear that many people were answering for their experience with our whole company. So, we added company NPS to make the distinction clear. Then we added a 2nd "comments / feedback" field to make sure we knew if the comments/feedback were about the community or the company.

A few more details: we don't do anything different for users who post vs users who don't, and non-community-members can fill out the survey if they want (it's not gated at all).


Honored Contributor

We have gone down the persistent route to align with the company website. The way it is setup is that on any content page (actual threads, articles, etc) there is a 'Was this helpful?' component with two buttons.

Clicking yes pops up the Khoros survey and allows the user to fill it out.

Clicking no gives three options; Ask a question, Contact us, Provide feedback. The first option takes the user to compose a post, the second to the contact us page on our company website and the final option pops the survey just like clicking Yes.

The volume of responses to the survey are significantly lower than pop ups but we find the feedback is more likely to be about the experience than 'I don't know, this popped up before I finished reading'.