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Tracking "title edits" within Lithium

We are preparing to roll out our super user program for our GoDaddy Community, and one of the “tracks of participation” we want to make available is that of “editing titles” (we haven’t thought of a good name for this yet). 


Anyway, the idea is founded on the fact many threads on our site are titled “I need help,” which does nothing for SEO, discoverability, or other users.  Since we plan on giving certain users the ability to edit titles, I want to know if there’s a function within Lithium that tracks title changes, or something we can “craft” that would identify threads with title changes?


Thanks all,



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Off the top of my head, I don't think tracking titles specifically is possible, but last edit time, who edited it, and (maybe) even total edits is available if you use the .csv export of search results for that board.