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Occasional Advisor

Turn off date on Blog post


Is it possible to turn of the date on blog post? Like the day it was posted? I experience that it only shows the day it was posted and not the day it was edited last? 


On the frontpage of the blog node it shows this:


But if you enter the post it shows this:



This confuses the users...


So is it possible to either turn off the date or show the edited date instead? 


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Khoros Staff

Hi Lundehoj,

Currently there is no out of the box setting to turn on/off the timestamp on blog articles but I suggest looking into possibly achieving this via customization.

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Occasional Advisor

Hi @DanyS 

I am not looking for archive the blog articles since they are still relevant and contain courses for our users. But I am also not interested in deleting and remaking the articles several times each month. 

Thank you for your suggestion. I will look into customization though 🙂