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User avatars in ActiveCast (or via API, easily?)

Hi ya'll - 

We're interested in displaying some community content outside of our community (finally!), and are thinking of using ActiveCast to do so.

But, the display of ActiveCast is quite plain. I know we can style it, but even better would be if we could also add user avatars to the display (showing the author of the topic). Does anyone know if this is possible? Or, if not, is there a relatively easy way to reproduce ActiveCast's "Latest Topics" widget via the API (including the user avatar URL)?


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did find how to do that?

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Hi @irach15 - Nope, I never looked into this further or got any additional information. Unfortunately!

Khoros Staff

@RayC @AdamA @ManishS Is this possible?


Hi @CarolineS ,

We are working on a new Message List Syndication component that will include the ability to choose if you'd like to include the avatar. I'd be happy to share that with you as I'm looking at getting customer feedback on the feature. I'll reach out and set up some time for us to chat.


Khoros Product Team