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WHO'S Viewing Blogs

Hello! Still mastering different reporting in Khoros, and wanted to see if anyone has ever reported on who is looking at blogs / specific pieces of content.

I know we can see how many views a blog has received, but can we see who (their username) has viewed it?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Khoros Staff

@nicoleguzzo Technically, you can but it's only for one thread / article at a time.  If you filter by the Thread ID in LSI and go to the "Members" tab (via Content > All Categories"), you can see a list of members who have viewed it and interacted with that content.

That's the only method I can think of to get that information, and I'm not familiar with the Bulk Data API so I hope this helps!

Larry Imgrund
Sr. Community Strategist

Thank you! It worked!