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Ways to measure top contributors success other than accepted solutions

Hi all! 


In our Community we rely on accepted solutions as the main measure of success/growth for top contributors. For example, when you get x amount of accepted solutions, you receive a piece of swag, a congratulatory letter, etc. 

While going off of accepted solutions is straight forward and very insightful, it can be difficult to recognize 5 contributors who all respond to one thread. We are looking for other ways to measure the impact/success of top contributors. Kudos are one option, but I am wondering if there are others. 


I am curious what else communities are looking at to measure impact, and reward, for top contributors. 



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Are there opportunities to get them involved in other ways? Creating knowledge articles, a blog program, speaking opportunities, etc? If you give them new targets to contribute different and more rich types of content, perhaps that will provide new avenues to reward them.

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I love Brian's suggestion about creating new opportunities for the top contributors. Our top contributors have enjoyed the opportunity to be on our podcast and also a few have accepted invitations to create one of our monthly "community challenges" (contests).

For a more direct answer to your question... our monthly Member of the Month calculation, which we use to determine the top four members for the month, is (kudos + 2*solutions). This way, we incorporate both kudos and solutions. 

We also recognize a "rising star" each month - the member who joined in the past 3 months and who has written the most posts among other new users.

Two other reputation-related initiatives:

  • Monthly member spotlights to learn more about active contributors (those who aren't our top users already) (members can nominate others for the spotlight)
  • Monthly "Unexpected win" to celebrate someone who did something particularly good / helpful that month (members can nominate others for this as well)

Also, do you have a VIP program? Our top members appreciate the recognition & camaraderie (& swag) that being a member of the VIP program has given them. We determined membership in the VIP program based on a combination of kudos, solutions, & general gut-check on the quality & tone of their contributions.

This is kind of an unorganized brain-dump, but hopefully it's helpful!



3 June: Minor edit - realized the calculation for our MOTM is (kudos+2*solutions). I had originally said (kudos+3*solutions). Minor detail, I know 🙂

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Thank you both! These are very helpful ideas. 

I like the idea of giving them new types of content to contribute to get them different rewards/opportunities!

I also like the idea of  a monthly member spotlight that is focused on acquiring more top contributors/highlight folks who aren't already top contributors. 

All of this is super helpful, thank you both! It definitely has my wheels turning about what to do next! 🙂

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You could think about rewarding behaviour like helping moderate the community, flag posts or spam, welcoming new users or coaching others.

Perhaps you can reward them for completing their profile or completing an interview about their work and motivation to be on the community.

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