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What does your 'Getting Started' forum look like?

I'm working on rolling out a 'getting started' forum in the community. We have quite the list of things we want to tell users (I know being simple and minimal helps, in the case we don't want to cut any of this stuff out, what sort of examples can anyone share about what they have done with their community. 

This discussion board as of now will consist of the main Getting Started Post, but within that post it's going to link to about 6 different other posts( two of which are the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use).

I feel like with the list of posts we have, it's going to convolute the the board with maybe too much content. 

Does anyone use any components to perhaps move some bits of content off the board, but where the content can still be found?

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Hi @i_am_ryan!

Our โ€œgetting startedโ€ stuff isnโ€™t anything fancy, but maybe itโ€™s a useful example. From our home page (and my signature!) we link to a โ€œgetting startedโ€ topic within our โ€œcommunity tips & tricksโ€ board:

It seemed like a better experience to me to generally direct people to a specific piece of content than to a while (maybe overwhelming) board.

also - check out the Atlassian Communityโ€™s โ€œWelcome Centerโ€ group - itโ€™s fantastic!โ€

Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing! Going to investigate yours and Atlassians, 

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Hi Ryan,


Here is ours:


It is definitely a lot of information, but it seems necessary. We would most likely be linking someone to a specific document when they need it, rather than expecting someone to read all through this.


Lili McDonald
Senior Community Manager @ Udemy
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Thanks for sharing, these are looking like what I would expect them to. 

Lots of posts, but they do a good job at covering expectations and rules, etc. 


@CarolineS Thank you for the kind shout-out re: our Welcome Center! It's been my baby for about a year now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's a link in case others want to check it out: