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What's cool about Group Hubs vs Groups?

Hi all,

Relatively new to Khoros (but not to communities). I see information about Group Hubs (About Group Hubs )but we already have Groups implemented. What do we gain by migrating?


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For starters, you'll eventually have no choice as best I understand it 🤣

Overall though, everything is better.  Essentially instead of "Groups" simply being a forum with a few more permissions, a Group Hub acts as a container for any/all of the various node types (Forum, Blog, TKB, Contest, Ideas).  So within your "Group" you'll now be able to use all of those features, making the Group endlessly more useful from a use case standpoint.

For example, for "Early Access" groups, we used to just have a forum.  Now we can have a central landing page, which contains a forum for discussion, a knowledge base for the latest how-to/instructions, and an Idea Exchange for someone to post their most requested stuff specific to something in EA.  In theory, all of this was possible before, but had to be done used old school roles/controls vs. the nice container that Hubs throws everything into.

TLDR; It's better because it does everything you could do before, but now with 10x more flexibility and some better out of box components.

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We're launching our first group hub this week to create a place for experts and employees to share tips and tricks on working remotely due to the global situation.
We're very excited indeed with this opportunity since we can combine a Forum with a Knowledgebase all on the same subject and we can use the right rail on the page for additional sources of information.

We're doing an agile implementation, we started talking about this last week and are launching this week, so we will learn as we go. Hope to be sharing some best practices soon.

Cheers & Stay Safe.


Learning from others and helping where I can!
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Everything @StanGromer said, plus you get the ability to create Closed (visible with permission required to enter), Hidden, or Open Group Hubs. Check out this short video for a high level explanation.

Please ask questions!
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@StanGromer  Thanks! I didn't realize the current implementation was so limited. That explains much. Sounds much more aligned to what Jive (which I am more familiar with) had, which is a good thing. Will go move up the upgrade.

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@Wendy_S Looking forward to hearing how it goes, assuming you can share.

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Great video @JacobBo!  I just created a private forum today for members to discuss a new offering we have. Am I completely out of date?  In other words, did I tease my hair way too much and don Flashdance sweatshirt? 😁