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Where in Admin can I see a list of recent TKB publishes?

Is there a place in Admin (or elseswhere) that I can see a list of the recently published TKB articles? I don't mean in the TKB pages themselves. I believe there might be a way to sort articles by "Date", which might give you this, but this wouldn't be possible in our custom layouts. I'm imagining something like the Versions screen in Studio -- just a list of every recent publish with date, author, tkb title, revision notes, etc.

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@tealiumjustin  - Have you checked the TKB Dashboards? Here are more details:


I hope this helps.

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The Dashboard shows Nominated Posts, Approved Topics, Drafts, and Unpublished Revisions. Where would it show a list of all recently published articles?


Hi@tealiumjustin ,

Always there for your help. You can see all the recent published TKB in the community.

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