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Who wants to talk about Bonus Points and Gamification?

Are there any communities out there actively using bonus points?  Don't see much in terms of discussions in search. We have decided to go down the rabbit hole, and are starting to build a few things out to start supporting a proof of concept - Recently @kgroneman threw in this idea as well which is part of what we had in mind for this.  We are looking to start doing various challenges/contests/reward users with points.  In time, we want to automate these as well as bake them into our learning platform / Gamify all the things.  Until then, starting with the basics.

First component just got finished up to start exposing points to users.  Next up is some badge leaderboards (Top badge earners).  We'll also look to add in "Total Leaderboard" vs "My Spot" to show where you are vs. others in Community.



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This is pretty awesome and is something my management has been asking about.

I'm on-board and hope the Khoros platform will support more out-of-the-box gamification options like some of their competition does 😉

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love that idea @StanGromer I am following this topic.

We build a few of these in our ranking system where users get awarded a few extra points for reading the community FAQ and selecting an avatar,

@Parshant could tell a little more....

i dont know what the original use case was for Lithium to add a bonus point feature however it does not make sense that points can be assigned only in a manuAl way.

it woild be so much better is you could integrate with the user onboarding and becoming more invested in the community by taking part in certain community activities and earning points for those, 


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I'll eventually make ideas for certain things to, but figure I may as well document our journey a bit:

Immediate problem is bonus points seem to have very little API support - We can't filter or sort by them, so we got to pull back all 50,000 users to build the component, even with caching it becomes a loading nightmare (Any ideas?).  Works awesome in staging, but once it hits prod it's a different story.  Any ideas how we could optimize such a thing to make this work in the world of Khoros?

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@StanGromer - Good to hear that. Gamification is something very dear to me, have been working closely with many implementations. Like @Wendy_S mentioned, we did a similar bonus point implementation with her.


Happy to explore more 🙂

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Thanks for mentioning here @Wendy_S ,😊

@StanGromerso talk about Bonus Points and Gamification in community.

Rather then say Bonus points, I would like to call it as "Arbitrary Points" in community.

Since bonus means extra benefit or profit, but we have two side of this feature here in community. One is for Bonus(Profit/Benefit) points and other is Penalty(Negative) points.

1. Bonus(Profit/Benefit) Points: Which played a very good part in community, when we need to comes with rewards and recognizing to our contributors. There are times when we need to give extra benefits for contributors who are doing great work in community, or helping CM in those area which needs so much attention and they are spending a great amount of there quality time to it. Its us who can decide at what type of activities they will do and we can reward them with these points.
Like if someone done very good participation then other contributors in the past one month or past one year, or they are updating there information and you know what level of that users deserve and they should need to jump to a certain rank level. So we can give them those extra benefit points for which they will achieve that level.

2. Penalty(Negative) Points: If some one misbehaving, use abuse words, adding Spam posts or unrelated messages which are not the part of community forums or discussion and also distract other users from contributing into community. Then we can add negative points to those users of community which move them lower to points or level. This Penalty points will remind them for what they have done wrong here during there participation.

To explore more in detail you can talk with @VarunGrazitti and you don't need to go with Manual approach. 😉

Do you know we work with Kudos and Accepted Solution.

@Parshant @VarunGrazitti Have you primarily used points as a behind the scenes / only exposed the points to the individual user?  Do you do anything Community wide such as showing top leaderboards, where the individual user is ranked between among their peers, etc?  

It sounds like you are using it more arbitrarily (thus the name 🤣). We're looking to do it more systematic in a similar fashion to kudos, with the arbitrary nature of it layered on top.  Part of the idea being we want to encourage the competition / gamification piece of it to encourage the feedback loops we'll put in place if that makes any sense.

Examples of things we may assign points for - For anyone who is familiar with Influitive, almost mixing the concept of their platform & Khoros, allowing for users to earn points and then redeem the points for swag - Actually working with Influitive to see how we can better expose their APIs to be able to accomplish all of this via a mix of their platform and Khoros being integrated together:

  • Completed a training / optional training
  • Common Khoros engagements (Kudos, create solutions, make a reply, write an article)
  • Visited a in-person/virtual event
  • Completed filling out parts of your profile
  • Participated in a a user experience session
  • Performed certain actions (Think xAPI style where we'll have listeners to assign points based on activity)




@StanGromer - I understand your point. In fact, we have worked with Influitive+Lithium back in 2016-17 and did some basic integration where the advocates on the influitive would get the special badges on the community for their activities on influitive. For another customer, we have explored the points where we could leverage the system points for redemption.


The badges will be preserved on the Khoros side whereas your redeemable points for swag etc. would be on the Influitive side. The triggers in between these platforms will keep everything in sync. For the event attendance, participation in a session etc. would again need to be triggered from influitive, so we keep all the engagement points there and use the triggers to assign the badges.


Finally, the points leaderboard which you are asking for would be a custom one and can be shown to the users where they can see their position. The points in this leaderboard ar just the bonus ones, they will be brought in from Influitive.


This architecture is just a high level considering you have these specific platforms in the equation. The more we explore, we can nail down a more specific structure.


I hope this helps.


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@VarunGrazitti - That's really helpful.


Thanks @VarunGrazitti