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Why do chart numbers differ from dashboard numbers on reports?

I have noticed some discrepancies when viewing reports in Community Analytics. 

You will see different totals if you look at the displayed Unique Visitors number on the Traffic > Overview page... 


... versus the sum of the number from downloading the Unique Visitor chart.


Both of these are from the same time period, why is the downloaded report showing a different number from what the dash board displays? 

As I mentioned, same time frame, no filters, and a team member double checked my work. Not sure what is going on here, any insight is appreciated! Thanks!

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New Commentator

When filtered down to the last 7 days, can there be an option to group the charts by "Week" instead of just "Day" or "Hour"?

I think the issue Rose and I are experiencing is because the Unique Visitor chart can only be grouped by "Day" so it's counting each unique visitor for that day of the week, not the FULL 7 days. That's creating duplicates.

We need to be able to schedule a report that gives us the correct number of unique visitors for the Last 7 Days, but can't find that data point as is.

Any help is appreciated! 🙂

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I had actually had what sounds like the exact same question and submitted a case to understand further. Here is the explanation Khoros provided:


"The data for the number of visits is the same data. However, the three areas you highlighted in your screenshots that are labelled "Visits" are actually all measuring slightly different scenarios using the same master dataset.

The discrepancy between the Content total Visits at the top vs. the sum of the individual content categories is due to those numbers actually measuring different things.

One of my colleagues had a great analogy to help explain this: If you think of the community as a mall, then each visit to the mall would count as a visit in the Visits listed at the top of the page. Once you are in the mall, you may go to different stores. Each visit to a store (category) is marked in the visits column under the categories. You may go to multiple stores, but it would only count as one visit to the mall.

The best option for the total number of visits to your community will be the Visits number listed on the traffic overview page. This number will include visits to the community including the community landing page (extending the analogy, this could be seen as the sidewalk or front doors of the mall)."

Occasional Advisor


That is a great explanation, thank you for taking the time to respond!

Here is an another open question, don't feel pressured to answer, but if you have any insight please chime in!

If we are utilizing a BI tool for our reporting and need to feed the correct number (In this case, that top dashboard number for visits) to the tool, then how would we accomplish this?

Here is some back story: Khoros doesn't integrate with our Business Intelligence tool so we use a Box connector instead. The Box files can be set up to update via email, which is what we are doing with the scheduled reports. However, we can't schedule a report that shows the Traffic Overview dashboard number (the number displayed at the top of the page), we have to use the Traffic Overview chart... which is not the metric we want to use. 

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Hmmm, that's a good question! Sorry, I am not sure about that one.  We don't really have anything similar setup.