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floating of blog posts

I cannot find how to float a single blog post in order to have the three Community Challenge teasers displayed in the contrary order on the Community page: I want to have the first challenge on top as the big one (now there is number 3 on top because it was uploaded last).


Two questions:

1. Is floating of single posts generally possible in the blogs?

2. If yes, does this have an effect on the teaser feature on the Community Challenge or does this teaser feature only react on the uploading date? If the latter is the case I would need to upload the posts all again in the contrary order.




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Re: floating of blog posts

Hi Hitsch,


It's not possible to "float" a blog post the same way you would a forum topic. However, you can "feature" a blog post. This will display in the designated component for featured content.


Lili McDonald
Community Operations Manager
@ DataRobot