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Valued Contributor

show the full name for blog authors



Currently, when a user posts a blog, the author's name is shown as the login name. Is there a way to show the full name instead?

There is a setting enabled in the admin console that says "Show the full name of blog authors" but looks that that's not it.


Thank you

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Khoros Staff

Hello pmadduru,


Has the author filled in that information under My Settings > Personal Information?




Mel Adams
Senior Process Operations Analyst
Khoros, LLC

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Valued Contributor

Hi Mel,

Yes, the author does have his first and last names filled out on his profile.

Valued Contributor

Hi Mel,

Just following up on this in case you missed it.

Khoros Oracle

Hi pmadduru


In addition to having their name entered in their profile and the admin setting you mention to show full names, the authors also need to have the BlogAuthor role in order for their full name to appear.


So, for the blog(s) in question, select Blog Admin > Users > Roles > Click List Users for the BlogAuthor role and select the users whose full name you wish to appear against their articles.  I admit this is not an obvious step to take but hopefully this should answer your query.


Please let me know if you still have any questions about this.




Valued Contributor

Hi Noaman,

The user is in the list of the BlogAuthor role. Yet, the full name doesn't show.

Thank you,