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19.10: "Powered by Khoros" logo is much larger than the old "Powered by Lithium"

Has anyone else noticed that their "Powered by" logo is a lot larger in 19.10 (and maybe 19.9; we didn't get that release)? 

See screenshot comparing the two (purple line added by me to emphasize the height difference)


Obviously we can adjust the CSS such that the new logo isn't so large/prominent, but I'm disappointed that this change was made without notice (at least, notice that I noticed!). Also, I understand that the new logo has different constraints than the old one... but still. 

Curious if others are seeing this / what you think (am I being silly to be a little upset? Maybe!?)


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I recently logged a case about the same. For us, we found the following:


Chrome and Firefox

  • The logo is missing from Prod
  • The logo displays in Stage


  • The logo is displaying too large in Prod
  • The logo displays as expected in Stage


  • The logo displays as expected in Prod and Stage


It's pretty ridiculously big for us:




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Wow, @lilim - that is a most impressively sized logo :-P. Can't imagine why you don't like it! 

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@RyanVa Tagging you in here 🙂

Khoros Staff

It looks like the width is about the same, and this is due to the taller dimensions of the the new 'powered by' image. Through the rebranding efforts (Lithium -> Khoros) this image was replaced, though there don't appear to have been any additional CSS changes to account for the new dimensions.

I've filed an issue to reduce the width of this image to account for the additional height.

We are in the process of the removing the logo since it appeared like this for us

This article should be updated when things are sorted at which point we'll see about adding it back in. 

We're still powered by Lithium 🙂 so hadn't noticed this yet.

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