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2 Communities on 1 Lithium Instance

Hi all,


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We are looking to deploy a second Lithium community, but on a single instance.  I'm curious if anyone has some feedback for us as we begin this venture - best practices, obstacles you had to overcome, etc.,


Our concerns at the moment center around the "welcome email" for new users.  Each of our communities will have a very different UI/Skins, and very different reasons for joining either community.  As users create accounts, we want a branded "welcome email" from community #1, and a branded welcome email from community #2, but it sounds like we're not able to do that if we only have one instance.


If that's the case, I'm curious if the same issue will occur for notifications and general email subscription messages.


Does anyone have experience with this and crafted a work around or solution?



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Never done this myself but it can be done. No longer with lithium but tomtom had two communities their staff and customer community on the one instance and I'm lead to believe worked very well.


Not it sure if she's still active but @Ditte may be able to offer some advice. 


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Tomtom is not running their community on Lithium any longer and the Community Manager from back then left Tomtom as well 😕


The Skype Community is running 11 language communities on the same Lithium instance. Registration email are sent in each language. But using language is really the only differentiation to be used.


Your scenario could be solved by applying a sub-community specific role and then updating each and every notification copy with a role check to send either variant A or B. But this will be come complex pretty quickly and hard to maintain.

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Hi Eric,


if you talk about running more than 1 community on 1 Lithium instance, what does this mean ?

  • should the second community be reachable via own domain ?
  • should each community behave like being in own Lithium instance ?

As far as i can see, AutoDesk uses one instance for several communities - if the aim is not having communities with own domains.


In the last case there is a bigger challenge, it is not only regarding the welcome mails.

Some highlighted pain points:

- Notification templates within community scope

- @mention functionality within community scope

- Domain mapping 

- Global pages like gallery, user profile, search in community scope

- PM messaging in community scope ....


So, try to understand what you really expect when you want to start more than one community on one lithium instance.






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