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21.7 - header items reversed?

Hi fellow Atlas members!

I am testing our community staging site, which has just been upgraded to 21.7, and I noticed that the items in the right side of our header have a reversed order on staging compared to prod.

I don't think we have made any recent custom code changes that should have caused this change, so I'm guessing it has to do with the 21.7 upgrade. 

Prod header (21.5) compared to staging header (21.7)Prod header (21.5) compared to staging header (21.7)


Does anyone else see this on 21.7? I know our header is custom so it may be unique to us; would be helpful to know! 


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Would love to respond but my version on stage is still 21.5 😞 


If you haven't changed the custom component though, I don't see why would it change alone aside from being part of the new releases. Did you see if this is part of the new updates of the release? 


Thank you! 



The same thing happened for me too ☹️ I would love if we can get more information on why this happened.

Oh GOOD, I'm glad it's not just me / something we messed up. I'll create a support case!

Sounds like this is expected behavior, per support:

As per the check with our internal teams, we understand that this is an intentional change done as a part of the release to address the accessibility issue.

However, I do not see it mentioned in the 21.7 release notes - there is a list of accessibility fixes, but I don't see anything that sounds like this change. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS , @djondinium 

We fixed an accessibility issue in 21.6, wherein fix involved correcting the tab order on header elements. This fix changed the position of the icons on the header.

We have a quick workaround to this. It can be fixed by putting the following CSS in the skin from the studio. Please see the attached image

We are also looking towards changing the fix on priority.






Thank you for the additional info and the fix, @NoorS! Could this please just be fixed in 21.7 ASAP so we don’t have to coordinate the deployment of this CSS change with the deployment of 21.7? I’d rather wait a bit for 21.7 than deal with this complication.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS, Yes, we are taking this on priority. I will keep you updated.

CC: @AbhinnG 




Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS - We have fixed the issue on 21.7. It will be applied to Cisco in the next maintenance window. You should get it in next 2-3 days. I will keep you updated anyways.

CC: @AbhinnG 




We're on 21.7 and we still see the issue.

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