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90-9-1 rule calculated with bulk data api?

 =Hello, we are using the bulk data api in our own software to run reports.

I would like to create a pie chart or other graph that displayes the 90-9-1 rule: in a way that we can measure it over time.


We are using the fields in the bulk data api:



I am wondering.. would it be better to (1) take the action_key and segment that by "lurker, occasional contributor, hypercontributor"?


or, would it be better to (2) segment the ranks given into anonymous (where rank is null), occasional contributor, lurker, etc..?



I think (1) ..?  any advice appreciated..


cc @cjdinger

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Hi Lainie,


I agree that actions are a more logical choice.


You'll need to define for yourself what constitutes each group (does a "Lurker" include users that sign up for an account, post once and never post again? What does a "superuser" mean in the context of your business?).


I'd love to hear more about how you're processing and visualizing the data from the bulk API. It is something we're working on here at Alteryx as well.

Thanks, Brian, I appreciate your response! 

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