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A report of what posts have not received any replies?

Is there any way to run a daily report to see what posts haven't gotten a reply?  


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Only export would be this - You would have to filter it down yourself by sorting by date and if it’s solved or not using the various columns.

Open a support ticket if you don’t see it in your community, they have to enable it

Hi @dave-coleman,

I'm obviously not sure whether your organisation has the budget, but would be strongly encouraging you to consider moving to Care to make sure each and every community member gets a response. It's not too hard to see which new threads over the past 24 hours haven't received a reply, but it's pretty challenging keeping track of whether every post in the community has received a reply without a tool like Care. At my former organisation we used to do it with a spreadsheet, and it was not fun...




So what I'm hearing is, although this could be an easy report for them to generate, they intentionally make it difficult so we'll have to give them more money? Niiiice. 😠   

Khoros Expert

Stan's solution will get you the report/csv.  On the front end, there is an out of the box component for unanswered Topics.  You can also hit the URL directly using this info:


Obviously depends on your community and business @dave-coleman, but Care can be an investment that pays for itself in terms of team efficiency and improvements to customer service. 

The big one for me is that new questions regularly are added to existing discussions, so unanswered topics is only part of the story. Even if you are ensuring that every new discussion gets a response, there could be many,  many questions on your community that are going unanswered. 




A quick reply to my own post with the solution.  (I don't know why no one told me about this before.) 

This is the url to see posts that have gone unanswered:

Feel welcome to modify everything before the /t5/forums/unansweredtopicspage/ with your own community url.  I saw posts elsewhere, people talking about node numbers and other things.  You don't need to know any of that.

Kudos to coach @MichaelC  for giving me the answer during a coaching session (Highly recommended!) 

@dave-coleman FWIW @ScottR said that two weeks ago in this post. Check out the common links he mentioned for many different pages like that you’ll find helpful.

@dave-coleman That URL only works for Discussion Topics and not Blog articles. there doesn't seem to be a blog article equivalent.  Also if I reply to my own Discussion topic to bump my post then the topic is treated like a post that has been "answered". 


Filter by posts that don't have a response - Atlas is an idea I created to help with that.

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