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AMA nested thread solution? Or "threaded post" solution?

Hi all,


We've been hosting AMA's (ask me anything) with our users for a number of months with terrific success.  However, it's tough to follow the conversation in real-time because people are posting responses to questions and they aren't "threaded/nested" within the topic.  We've played around with enabling "threaded posts," but it doesn't provide a user-friendly view of the questions and comments.


Has anyone come up with a solution or doing anything creative to host real-time AMAs on your community and help user's follow the comments/answers to specific questions.   Generally, we announce the AMA, and multiple people begin posting the questions they want answered prior to the date/time of the AMA.  Then, when the AMA starts, it's tough to figure out which comment is associated with which question.  


Here's an example from our own site; what you'll notice is multiple questions at the top, but there's no easy way to determine which comments go with what questions


Thanks all!



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Hi @deirdreyee,

If you right-click the number 1 there you'll see it is a link. 
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 1.32.45 PM.png 

If you're sharing links to a specific post, you just need to grab the URL of the post number. 

Let me know if you have other questions. 


@browneandrae and @nicoleguzzo  Maybe we could add this to stage (see earlier in the discussion) and make sure it does what we want, then plan to launch it with a blog post detailing the improvement. As per all our developments, we should plan to do for ideas, discussions and blog comments.

Thanks @AlanA for your help!

@deirdreyee yes so what do you want to test exactly. Do you just want to add a similar component the current message number of the total number of messages? with a link to the specific message like ebay?

@CyJervis I tried really hard to find the quote feature you're referencing, but I don't see it in my editor... 😂

Nevertheless, what is the Q&A Format that you're talking about? Is it a different interaction style from Forum (which is likely what most of us are using?) I've been trying to find a solve for this issue for a longggg time and would love to test out Q&A if you think it could meet that need.


Appreciate the help!

Q&A is a different discussion style offered on Khoros Communities, typically as an add on. You would need to ask Khoros about your specific contract to find out if it is included or an extra cost.

Rather than having a topic and then replies falling below in chronological order, Q&A has questions and then answers below them. Q&A also has the ability to leave comments on questions and answers. 


Q&A has its own set of quirks to be aware of. If there are multiple answers there will be an open box under each answer to leave a comment. In our case we decided to collapse comments to avoid this but now it is difficult to notice when there are comments. Our only use for the Q&A was a single board to test out the discussion style before deciding if we would roll it out across the community. In usage is where we discovered the oddness of the comments but also differences in reporting metrics. Forums report on time to first reply, while Q&A reports on time to first comment which isn't an apples to apples comparison.

In your case, it comes down to the needs of your community but I would at least investigate it to find out for yourself. 

As for the quote function, it appears to be turned off here in the Khoros Community but here is a screen shot from ours where is it present right next to the macros pull down options. . 


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.26.40 PM.png

@CyJervis You're a dream - thank you so much for all this information! We don't seem to have Q&A on our account, so I'll check in with our CSM on Friday. Interesting that the metrics don't line up, so definitely worth a deeper investigation to see if it'll meet our needs. Appreciate your time!

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