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API Pull per user, per day metrics such as kudos given

How to: Community API request per user, per day metrics (such as kudos given)

Seems basic, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of the answer:

  • I can query list of all users, then iterate through User ID's with a `Users.query_users_table_by_id` specifying counts like "'login, messages.count(*), following.count(*), followers.count(*), solutions_authored.count(*), kudos_given.sum(weight)'"
  • I can find user total-all-time counts

But ideally i could use the API to pull something like offered in the Admin UI Metrics | Advanced Metrics | scope=user and metrics="user/role statistics".  This simply gives me all stats for all users constrained by date range.  How can I pull this  from the API? 

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I am finding one answer to this via the use of the Bulk API - it allows to download a JSON "log" of all activities over a chosen time period, with fields for user.ID and action.key events.  It will be a little work after download to organize the data but in the end looks like it will give us greater granularity.


Still open to other ideas : )

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