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API V1 profile_name not working ... am I missing something?

According to the docs, I should be able to get the user's profile.name_first and name_last

However, when I use:

https://[mysiteurl]/restapi/vc/users/id/[id]/profiles/name/profile_name or


the result is "success" but with no data. I have double checked to see that the profile first and last name IS set in the viewprofilepage page. 


<response status="success">
<value type="string"/>



Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug? 

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@Inactive User 
Try below APIs

<#assign nameFirst = rest("/users/id/${}/settings/name/profile.name_first").value />
<#assign nameLast = rest("/users/id/${}/settings/name/profile.name_last").value />

Welcome ${nameFirst!""} ${nameLast!""}

Hope it will resolve it. 

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