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API for creating bulk redirects?

Hi everyone -

I asked this question over here but because time is of the essence and I haven't figured this out yet, I thought I'd post a post about my post:

Does you have experience doing this? Know if it's possible or not possible?

Thank you! 


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Community Manager

Hi Linda, welcome to the community! 

I'm including the context below for anyone who's reading along.

Does anyone here know if there's an API way to define MANY redirects offline (in a CSV) and import to our community? 

If possible, can you give us some context about what you're trying to do with redirects? Meanwhile, I'll ask a few folks if they have any suggestions.

Edit: Nevermind, found your other thread!

It seems this is something you won't be able to do in the config / admin, but our support team can do it, if you have the redirects already in a CSV and reach out to them.

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