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API permissions issues

I'm using an API script to apply roles to users based on their SSO ID and a csv file. I know this worked once upon a time, but now I'm getting the following issue for the API user:


User 1106 does not have the following permission(s) at *****: [ bypass_automatic_evaluation, allow_upload_images_without_moderation, allow_upload_images ]


That being said, when I look up the permissions for that user - all of them are set to allow.


Has anyone else run into this / have ideas of what I might be missing?


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Khoros Oracle

Hey Sherrie, I assume 1106 is the user who is assigning a role. That user must personally have an effective "allow grant" (the purple one, not just the green "grant") for all permissions that the role grants.


One strategy I like is to create a special role just for this purpose (you could call it something like "Role X Granter" or "May grant Role X"), and assign that role to any users you want to be allowed to assign this role.

Thank you so much @AndrewF, that resolved the issue!


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