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API to know the list of all the boards which are permitted to the user

Is there any api or a way which can return the boardID array containing the list of all the boards which are allowed to a particular user. I want this list because I want to show only the results from those boards to which a user is subscribed. Currently, what is happening is that the user is getting the results from all the boards present in khoros.

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@Anonymous0909 ,

You can use this API to get all subscribed boards for boards of a user

SELECT id, target FROM subscriptions WHERE target.type = 'board' and = '209'


target.type = 'board' will fetch the results from boards only. = '209' will fetch the records for user with id 209 only.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

I have one question. Actually, I want to get the list of the subscribed boards by a user but without logging in to the system. Is it possible, if I want to fetch an array containing them but without any authentication?

@Anonymous0909, it seems that it’s a security feature we don’t allow unauthenticated users to see what specific users are subscribed to.


Basically, your subscriptions are your business and not the business of the public. So, to get that info, you need to be either the user or someone with managerial permissions over that user.

@MohammedSh Yes, I also have the managerial rights. Can you please tell me in that case how can I do it?


@Anonymous0909, if you want to check individual user subscriptions, please switch to the other user account, then you can go to My Settings - Subscriptions & Notifications - My Subscriptions, and that list will have boards, categories, and individual topics of that user.

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