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API to see PM's sent by user?

I was wondering if anyone knows if a report, or API exists that would allow me to see PM's sent by users on a daily, or hourly basis?


I know there is the generic PM's sent in Community Admin > Metrics but it doesn't help here since it does not provide any user detail - it's just a 'total sent community wide'

We are dealing with some determined PM spammers so instead of members having to report abuse I'd like to be able to check and see which accounts have been sending PMs, and how many.

A spammer will stick out for sure such as User2 here.  Granted they may be legit messages a eport like this at least lets me know who to look at.... 

User1 - 1 PM sent
User2 - 18 PMs sent
User3 - 3 PMs sent 
User4 - 1 PM sent


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@tyw I'm not sure that we have a way to do exactly what you're looking for because our Private Message APIs either return data for the user account making the request or require that you specify a single So I don't believe you could check a range of users. If you suspect a user of spamming, you could use a LiQL query to get the count of messages sent ordered by sent time.

Something like this for PM version 1 or 2


SELECT count(*) FROM outbox_notes WHERE = '32' ORDER BY sent_time DESC


I'm not seeing a good way of doing the above with PM v3 at the moment. I'll have to follow up on that. 

This seems like a good Community product idea


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