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About @Mentions ... from a Community Manager perspective

Hi all -

It me. (lol)

I've reviewed a previous @mention forum post and it gave me all the knowledge I need to enable @mentions in my community (it is already enabled in a private forum, but not throughout the entire community yet)

I'd like to gather some other members perspective on this feature:

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.46.18 AM.png

From the above screenshot, are these the main reasons why you chose to enable @mentions? Do you have any other reasons why?

Thank ya'll in advance!

- Jeremiah

J-Net Community Manager
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Mentions are great for calling attention to a given user or users in a post but 18.12 you can also mention content so if you also have blog or tkb content then it makes it super easy to add hyperlinks to this content within your posts. 


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

They are absolutely the reasons why we use @mentions @jhaze.


I invite users who I know have certain expertise in to specific discussions. It is very effective in ensuring that the OP gets their question answered. It also helps to recognise the knowledge and experience of your superusers. Many get flattered when they are brought into a conversation. 




I can’t think of reasons NOT to enable them. People expect this behavior (since it’s standard in Facebook / Twitter / etc). You can set a limit to how many @mentions can be in a single post to prevent abuse - though nobody other than me, in our community, has come close to the limit (a few times we have had lots of winners of our contests and I’ve had to temporarily raise the limit just for me! :))

Thanks @CarolineS @JasonHill @Fellsteruk , ya'll rock!


J-Net Community Manager

Agree with the above.

We enabled them to enable more cross collaboration.

For example, our mods use it to get an expert's attention to a specific question.

Experts mention other Experts to get a bit of extra expertise.

Experts mention to mods/community managers in the inner circle if they have something specific they would like to highlight.

Experts mention agents and vice versa, to jointly work on answering a question.


The only use case we have not fully figured out yet is, to enable the feature for new users. Well perhaps not for all new users as that could cause more problems than benefits but perhaps the user who posted and then got a response. In that sense, it might be helpful if the user could @mention the user who previously helped him/her.


Good luck with this!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Thanks for the response, @Wendy_S ! I am trying to think of ways to get our new users involved more, and the @mention functionality is something I may want to enable for them..... For now, I'm going to stick with a "Welcome/Introduce yourself to the Community thread"...

J-Net Community Manager

Hi Jeremiah.

Good for you. You might want to consider the use case/user story for @mentions. For example, I would probably not enable @mention to all new users but perhaps once they engage with the community so after making the 2nd post. And then ensure they receive a notification to educate them on how to use Feature versions - Mention

It would be great if @mentions would be limited to users within a topic for certain use cases and open to moderators/superusers.


Have a nice day!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

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